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"When the Lights Go Out"- Chapter One

(Author's note: Last fall, I welcomed the release of my second novel, When the Lights Go Out. From its earliest stages, drafted throughout two years in grad school and edited after an unexpected return to Buffalo, it took six years to finish.

But as personally momentous of an occasion as this was, the novel  Read More 
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"When the Lights Go Out" - Chapter Two

(Author's note: When I originally conceived this story, it was rooted in the idea that, sometimes, life isn't about celebrating the best of times. It's about survival, overcoming the worst of times and the strength you can summon in those moments. This message seems appropriate in the wake of the political events of the  Read More 
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"When the Lights Go Out" - Chapter Three

(Author's note: In the six years I spent writing, editing and rewriting this story, I spent a lot of time amid live music. Not only did I see a lot of performances on my own time, but I also worked for three years as a bartender at three different music venues in Boston, Massachusetts--including  Read More 
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(Author's note: With my second novel now making the rounds, figured I should re-post the following essay. It discusses my relationship with my hometown of Buffalo and the need to write about it, both pertinent as my Queen City-set When the Lights Go Out starts to find its way to the public.  Read More 
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The Romance of Freelance

The job of freelance writer sounds pretty sexy, right? The vocational title alone generates an aura of apparent mystery and nonconformity, and it’s also an occupation that generates commotion amongst people who have never freelanced anything.

If you spout the line “I’m a freelance writer” within mixed company, you’ll easily pique  Read More 
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Life, Love & Music Through "High Fidelity"

I’ve always connected with music and film better than I have with literature. It’s a bond I formed as early as I can remember anything. (As I type this sentence, I can recall, in detail, sitting at Rich Stadium in Buffalo, waiting for Michael Jackson to take the stage. I was five  Read More 
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A Bona Fide Opportunity

What does ‘Bona’ mean?

It’s a question a lot of now out-of-state St. Bonaventure graduates have had to answer. The letters adorn baseball caps and hooded sweatshirts, bumper stickers and coffee mugs. Back in the summer of 2009, my North Carolina-born graduate professor stopped his lecture mid-sentence when he was distracted by these confusing  Read More 
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