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When the Lights Go Out

"In taut, economical prose smacking of gritty verisimilitude, Farrell traces the scattershot trajectory of his character, Johnny “Nighthawk” Nolan, as he navigates through a dark night of the soul, and ultimately reaffirms the transformative powers of music."
The Buffalo News

"Relax with a cold one, put your best classic rock mix on shuffle, and enjoy the familiar Queen City locations when you read this enjoyable, sweetly gritty story."
Buffalo Spree Magazine

Running with Buffalo

"Farrell does an excellent job of tugging on the heart strings of any young person who always wondered what else there was out there in this vast world of ours. He explains this treasure that is Buffalo, NY, that we sometimes take for granted, not fully appreciating it until we step away from home for a while."
Buffalo Rising